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Appraiser Roadshow: 2020!

While navigating the uncharted waters of COVID-19, many appraisers are choosing to perform appraisals by Zoom, other web-conferencing options and/or using photos (yours truly does as well).

These solutions are convenient during COVID and also help when distance, primarily, is an issue.

Of course, we all are trying our best to be safe during the pandemic. But what do you do when you may have very fine items with small hallmarks, or jewelry that requires a discerning eye and you're not an expert photographer (much less a zooming Zoomer)? Your intrepid appraiser comes to you!

Yes, you can bring such items to an outdoor location, physically distance from each other, wear masks AND your authorized appraiser can fully inspect your personal property. I took this approach recently when a client was unable to capture silver hallmarks with sufficient detail by photo. Not only does it satisfy as a physical inspection, but the results are crisper and more accurate for the final Personal Property Appraisal Report.

So, if you're in the midst of an estate settlement/tax liability, a divorce, a fire or water damage, which is hard even without a pandemic, find an appraiser who will hit the road and come to you, for a safe and in-person analysis of your small items!

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