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Does Integrating Your Collections into your Portfolio get you spooked??

Happy Halloween everyone! A number of HNW Individuals have some difficult incorporating their collections into their Portfolios - after all, these are precious works of art, sports memorabilia, watches, cars and more. So how can an appraiser help? By working with your Wealth Management Company and Tax Attorney to ensure you are complying with IRS and State/Commonwealth regulations for authorized appraisals for charitable donations and/or gift tax purposes. Providing appraisals to such clients is an honor, and today was no exception. It was a privilege to hear the stories behind each cherished items and help them understand the Fair Market Value cost approach and USPAP/IRS/State/locality laws

. A big thank you to Judy L Redpath, CFP®, AIF® for her commitment to helping clients evolve their personal integrated wealth management strategy through VISTA Wealth Strategies LLC.

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